wePlace is a specialist recruiter. We find and place the best talent available in the market by headhunting individuals with specific skill sets, backgrounds and qualifications.  We apply our in-depth knowledge and experience in the areas that we operate in, specifically, Information Technology, Banking, Finance, Sales and Marketing, to cater for our clients specific and individual needs.

wePlace has a diverse team with over 30 years of combined experience in Audit, Banking, Bioinformatics, Finance, Information Technology and Sales.  Our dedicated team of individuals strive to find and place the best candidates in the most efficient and timely manner to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients as well as our candidates.

wePlace, with its diverse team, will continuously be looking at new and innovative solutions to all your placement needs.

wePlace is looking forward to working with you and to meet your placement requirements with the best talent available in South Africa.

wePlace sourcing to placement process

Initial Engagement

The wePlace approach is to have an onsite meeting with our clients to get a good understanding of the business, the culture and the type of individuals they are looking for.

Job Specifications

wePlace obtains an in-depth understanding of job responsibilities, duration if temporary, skills required and any other necessary requirements that will make a candidate successful in the role.

Sourcing Candidates

wePlace utilises internal and external databases to source candidates that fit the job specifications. wePlace also headhunt individuals through various techniques to source Candidates that are not registered on any databases.

Interviewing Candidates

wePlace conducts thorough interviews with the sourced candidate to assess their knowledge, technical skills, soft skills, aptitude and attitude to assess whether the candidate will be suitable for the role and to determine whether the candidate will be a culture fit.

Background Checks

wePlace conducts two reference checks on a candidate, whereas the remaining background checks are outsourced to MIE, an independent background screening company. These background checks include qualification checks, criminal, ITC, ID verification, permanent residence, work permits, and citizenship.

Client Interview

The client interviews the most favourable candidates introduced by wePlace.


Placement of successful candidate with client.